Below is the vision of the organization (executive leadership and ministry teams) and a guide for the direction it would grow.  As God blesses this ministry and movement of His people, a number of these positions would be filled with volunteers providing leadership to the various functions.

Executive Leadership

Board of Elders – Composed of nine people representing the diversity in our church, school, business, and government community. One of the board members acts as the chairperson of the Board and President of We Care Bowie, elected by the other Board members and the Pastoral Council. The Board provides broad leadership and direction for We Care Bowie, including the vision, mission, and purpose statements of We Care Bowie and financial and spiritual accountability.

Pastoral Council – Composed of all the pastors of the Bowie area Christian churches that support We Care Bowie, including pastors whose churches may not be designated “Light of the World” churches. Pastors provide advice and council to the Board of Elders regarding vision, direction, problems, and ministry needs.

GTeSelle2 Executive Director – Galen TeSelle – Provides executive leadership to We Care Bowie, its components, staffing, resources, and day-to-day operations. Takes direction from the Board of Elders and the We Care Bowie President. Provides direction to the We Care Bowie Ministry Team Leaders, members, and volunteers. Coordinates and meets with church leaders, city officials, business leaders, and other leaders to share the vision and gain support for We Care Bowie. Periodically preaches and teaches in Bowie churches and other locations regarding the theology and missiology of being the Light of the World.  Serves as the financial secretary of the organization.

Ministry Teams

Operations Team Leader Provides leadership to the administration, communication, and operations of We Care Bowie projects. Organizes and coordinates meetings, schedules, luncheons, retreats, rallies and other joint functions of We Care Bowie. Assists in the development and distribution of public materials such as brochures, newsletters, and new articles, and display posters.
Website Team Leader Organizes and coordinates the development and maintenance of the We Care Bowie website. Provides information technology and administrative support to other ministry team leaders and the Executive Director of We Care Bowie.
TomK-portrait Prayer Team Leader Tom Knorr – Provides leadership to the prayer-walking project. Organizes and coordinates the summer weekly prayer walks and periodic city intercessory prayer meeting. Provides resources, training, and guidance regarding prayer walking, prayer meetings, prayer needs, and intercessory prayer.
Care Team Leader – Mark Wallace – Provides leadership to the various caring projects that support the special needs of the Bowie community such as food, clothing, housing, child care, substance abuse recovery, health care, divorce care, etc. Coordinates with all the churches to develop and maintain a comprehensive database of church community care services and coordinates this database with Community Ministries of Prince George’s County. Coordinates the various We Care Bowie care ministries with the City of Bowie and Prince George’s County social services. MWallace
tom fox-web Share Team Leader – Rev. Tom Fox – Provides leadership to the various evangelistic outreach projects that share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Provides resources, training, coordination and guidance regarding evangelistic tools such as the Jesus Video, Contagious Christianity, Evangelism Explosion, and links to the mainline evangelistic organizations. Provides information about home Bible studies and churches in the Bowie area.
40px-church Church Team Leader – Provides leadership for praying for churches, pastors and other church leaders, and church ministries. Provides leadership for the support of pastors in the Bowie community. Encourages the development of the Bowie Association of Light of the World Churches that focus on getting the participation and involvement of churches and their members in We Care Bowie.
40px-school School/Student Team Leader – Provides leadership for praying for students, teachers, and school administrators. Encourages the development of student prayer groups, Lighthouses that focus on schools, and youth involvement of We Care Bowie.
40px-lighthouse Family Life Team Leader  – Bill Hall – Provides leadership for praying for families and marriages.  Provides awareness to the churches and other organizations regarding the strengthening of marriages, strengthening fatherhood, parenting, single parenting, and mending families.
40px-business Business Team Leader – Provides leadership for praying for business owners and employees. Encourages the development of business prayer groups, Lighthouses that focus on business, and business involvement in We Care Bowie.