prayer-icon“Missions is the work of the entire body of Christ, not just missionaries.
Your prayers are a part of the effort to bring in the harvest.”
– Joyce Wells Booze

Pray regularly. Use a world map to locate the nations where missionaries for whom you’re praying live. Pray for the work of God to prosper in those countries.

Pray knowledgeably. Read missionary newsletters and pray specifically concerning the matters mentioned. Wage spiritual warfare for the release of souls from Satan’s bondage.

Watch news reports for mention of nations where missionaries are. If war, government changes, natural disasters, or financial crises are occurring there, pray accordingly.  We recommend monitoring the websites Worth Christian News and The Christian Post.

Pray for the health and safety of the missionary family. Missionary schedules are often hectic, the working environment inhospitable. Hazardous travel conditions, the menace of terrorism, and physical illnesses where medical help is inadequate, all threaten the missionary family.

Pray for cultural adaptation, language acquisition, and missionary relationships.  Missionary ministry will be more effective if the missionary lives and works in harmony with those around him.

Pray for adequate financial support and emotional health. Low finances, separation from friends, and lack of adequate rest and nutrition wear on both mind and body.

Pray for a strong marriage relationship that will support and build up their ministry.  If children are part of the family, pray that God will give wisdom concerning schooling and add Ills blessing to each child’s growth and development.

Pray as the Holy Spirit directs. If the Spirit burdens your heart for a missionary, he may be entrusting you with that missionary’s life or ministry.  Allow the Spirit to pray through you until you sense victory.