1. Actively participates as a member of the “We Care Bowie Network” and the quarterly coordination meetings.
2. Maintains a knowledge of community care resource information for the Bowie community and purveys this information to others.
3. Leads, coordinates, and promotes community care ministries and programs in his/her church.
4. Prepares and maintains a summary of community care ministries in his/her church.  Sends the summary to the Care Team Leader at We Care Bowie for inclusion on their website.
5. Proposes and helps develop new community care ministries and programs needed in the Bowie area.
6. Acts as the contact with the City of Bowie for their “Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors” program and encourages participation.
7. Provides community care awareness training to the church and equips members of the congregation in the Biblical principles of loving our neighbors as well as the main principles described in books such as “The Art of Neighboring” and “The New Parish.”
8. Leads and mobilizes members of the congregation to pray for and care for their neighbors by name.
9. Provides opportunities to share testimonies of neighbors being helped, both physically and spiritually.

Senior Pastor Supportive Duty

1. Provides guidance and support to the church’s Community Care Coordinator.