Christ told a story about a man who needed help.  Although government and religious authorities passed him by, a good Samaritan did not.

good samaritan

He stopped to show mercy on the man in need (Luke 10:30-37).

We Care Bowie interprets our mission of mercy by serving others in 3 ways: prayer, care, and share.  Our mission is to be Christ’s ambassadors on earth by modeling the life of Jesus at home, at work, and in our community.

Our Strategy:

1. Raise-up and equip believers in Jesus to become the Light of the World that pray for and care for the citizens of the Bowie, Maryland area.  And as God opens hearts, share the good news of Jesus Christ, that we can be reconciled with God and live with Him forever in heaven.
2. Provide We Care Bowie awareness materials (prayer, care, and share ministry information) and Lighthouse training materials for individuals, churches, schools, and businesses.
3. Place an extra emphasis on reaching men in the community … by reaching men you are more able to reach the whole family.
4. Encourage  individuals, churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations to commit to the mission, vision, strategy, and goal.
5. Stay in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to lead this initiative, hear and follow His leading.