Equal Justice Messages From National Leaders

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. … The Other America Video Speech
  2. Tom Skinner – Urbanna 70 Conference
  3. Paul Richer – We Need to Talk About Race
  4. Tony Evans – Speaks From His Heart about Social Injustice

Equal Justice Messages From Local Leaders

  1. Interview of Pastor Charles Galbreath by Pastor Mark Lehmann –
  2. Pastors Barnes and Butler – Church and Race

3. Interview of Pastor Charles M. Galbreath (son) by Pastor Dr, Charles O, Galbreath (dad)

Part 1- Perspectives on COVID-19 and Social Unrest in NYC

Part 2 – Pastoral Responsibility in the Face of Racial Injustice

4. Bowie Chief of Police John Nesky

5. Messages from the June 6, 2020 Bowie Community Vigil